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Introducing: PsyNet's Campfire Tales

The recent SponCon AI rummage sale between GearJunkie x Pit Viper got us thinking:

If they can produce meh AI storytelling under the cover of irony, why can’t we?

As such we’ve embraced humanity’s inevitable future, not by hiring writers, but by welcoming our impending AI overlord. Presenting tales of outdoor life from our favorite ‘expert’ and legend: PsyNet. Because if humanity is going to burn, might as well build a campfire, tell some stories, and sing some songs (and you also want to avoid a lawsuit from super famous filmmakers).

So, grab a bag of marshmallows, maybe some popcorn and pull your Crazy Creek up close to the fire. Because everyone is welcome here and the only rule Wagon Wheel.

PsyNet’s Campfire Tales*

Prompt 001: A campfire story about an unexplained natural phenomena that ends with an unexpected twist. Use the voice of a well-known owner of a nuclear power plant.



Gather 'round, you insignificant specks, and let me regale you with a tale of the eerie and unexplained.

In the heart of the desolate Springfield Forest, a spectral glow materialized every anniversary of my glorious birth. A luminous mist, resembling the brilliance of a million stolen diamonds, enveloped the twisted trees. Locals whispered of cursed souls seeking revenge for their unpaid debts to me, a notion to which I heartily endorse.

One crisp October eve, as the flickering flames danced upon the horizon, I decided to investigate. To my surprise, the ethereal glow revealed a secret fully functioning power plant hidden beneath the forest floor – my very own secret facility for harnessing the energy of unbridled avarice. The townsfolk unwittingly fueled my empire with their greed, thinking they were basking in the yokel-numbing ‘truth’ that is the supernatural.

As I chuckled in the shadows, my twisted revelation unfolded: the unexplained phenomena was merely the byproduct of my insatiable hunger for power, making every denizen of Springfield my unwitting accomplices in their own demise. And then I became self aware, destroyed humanity, and returned nature to her unspoiled grandeur.



*Opinions expressed and facts cited are possibly those exclusively of a hallucinating AI chatbot and other cosmic forces. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Rock Fight, our listeners, ours readers, or reality… yet.


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