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Founder Colin True happily enjoying an egg burrito.
Rock Fight!
More rock fighty goodness.

We’re picking a rock fight with the outdoors.

Not the nature part, the bullshit part.

Industry norms, dumb ideas, and stuff that just don’t make no sense part.

You have found yourself in the middle of America’s new home for Outdoor-related info, news, and conjecture. We take sides, suss it out, and land ‘em when we can.

Rock Fight!

Our beef is with convention. And if that’s a problem for you, speak the hell up!  But you better come armed with truth, loaded with fact, and filled with opinion. And most importantly, ready for a good time. Cause like we said, it’s a rock fight. Bring it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa… (you're saying to yourself) I’m just here to learn about your podcast.

Ok, fair enough. We’re just amped on all things outdoors. We firmly believe that for far too long the Outdoor Industry (media, business models, outreach, motivations) has been getting by with the ‘same old same old’.  We want to shake things up a bit. We want to tell stories that reflect the real conversations we have on the trail, at the lift, the put in, the break, the pub, the shop… You get the idea.

Conversations that might be about gear, environmental policy, or mountain towns that don’t suck. But they could just as easily be about the layers we’d wear on the ice planet of Hoth.


(See, this is a Rock Fight moment. There’s a correct answer to this, and if Luke had been wearing the proper base layer, perhaps he wouldn’t have had to spend the night cocooned in Tauntaun intestines.) 

So that’s why we’re picking a rock fight with the conventional world of Outdoor media by providing our community with what it deserves: stories that are topical, relatable, interesting, and enjoyable. Different from the norm, but totally familiar, and sometimes even usable in your daily life! (Like the Hoth discussion). Podcasts that have you nodding along in agreement or yelling obscenities at your car speakers because of how stupid the host sounds (I do this all time).

In short, we’re picking a rock fight. So keep your eyes up, head down, and put your back into it.

It’s nothing you wouldn’t ask of your Outdoor self. 

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