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In the modern age you have the freedom to wear joggers to wedding or Vans as you cross the stage at your you know why?

No it's not just because we had a global pandemic that forced us to stay home for a year in our jammies.

It's actually the billion dollar outdoor industry using science and textile innovation to find functional solutions to outdoor problems that has resulted in a society that is now more comfortable than ever.

The LAYERS of this conversation start back in the early days of humanity, run through to the buckskin wearing poseurs heading to the old American west and end today where different natural and synthetic fabrics exist to keep us warm, dry, cool and safe in our outdoor adventures...and also in how we dress in our every day lives.

From the producers of THE ROCK FIGHT comes LAYERS: The Rise of Dressing Down. Listen to the full season on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts (or at the links below).

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