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A True 'Wader & See' Moment

Patagonia’s new mockumentary Shitthropocene has solid waste written all over it.

Ventura, CA- Global fashion icon and sometime maker of functional outdoor gear and apparel, Patagonia, released their newest effort to shape public opinion, The Shitthropocene: Welcome to the age of cheap crap.

Billed as this year's Don’t Look Up, many are hopeful the film will do for our coming overconsumption extinction event what the star-studded Netflix release did to address the absurdity of climate change denial. Which, according to Netflix user ratings, is not much.

Movieroom Sketch Artist capture of Rock Fight's screening of Shitthropocene.

Both thoughtful and humorous, The Shitthropocene explores the biological, societal, and technological pressures that drive our species’ impulse to consume, and the over-production that ultimately results from a capitalist system seeking to squeeze every drop of profit from our human frailties.

Told through a case study of fishing pants, the films outlines how Patagonia is not like other evil capitalist endeavors, and chronicles what they are doing differently to make better lasting items you can’t afford. One reviewer called it a true ‘wader and see’ moment in the brand’s quest to reduce top-line consumption by growing bottom-line profits.

We screened the film short with former Patagonia Ambassador Trucker Hat, who offered a mixed review.

‘I mean, overall it was pretty good. It made me laugh, and it made me think,' said Trucker. ‘But not featuring me or any of my accessory mates feels a bit disingenuous. A lot of us went to landfills for this brand, and this is the thanks we get? We’re part of the story too.’

Shitthropocene: Welcome to the age of cheap crap will stream exclusively on the company’s website and YouTube (but not on Outside Watch). As of this publication, its potty-mouthed title is unsearchable on more reputable search engines.

Slow clap, Patagonia. Good on you. Here’s a link

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