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Fischer's Nightstick Collection: Because Nothing Says 'Crafted to Play' Like a Nightstick

Fischer Sports GmbH, maker of equipment for alpine skiing, nordic walking, and hockey sticks, announces the inevitable collision of all three with the new Nightstick Collection.

The new skis seek to ‘upend’ the traditionally freewheeling world of freestyle park skiing by

imposing a rigid and structured order. The skis feature a sandwich sidewall construction, poplar wood core, and sintered base, ideal for park conditions, compliance, and crowd control. They come in 90, 97, 104 mm widths, an array of lengths, and 'straightstick' or 'side-handle' options.

“From jumps, to boxes, to rails, the skis really have a playful, poppy feel to them,” said Fischer Global Ambassador, Team Rider and World Cup silver medalist, Haas Schneider. “And the energy return you get after cracking the helmet of some local who thinks they own the place is truly invigorating. I could do this all day.”

Sneak preview of next seasons Nightstick Tactical Performance Skiwear.

Regional versions of the Nightstick, such as the UK’s Billy Club or the French Baton will be released later in the season depending on the need to put other ski brands in their place.

As part of the company’s go-to-market campaign, Nightsticks will be prominently featured on the newest procedural series by Hollywood mega-producer Dick Wolf. Law & Order A.S.S. (Alpine Special Services) tells the untold stories ski patrol, lift operators, and concessioners who try to make a difference within the glacial pace of the snow justice system.

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