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National Parks Week

What better way to celebrate National Parks Week than with the newest fake collab between Smokey Bear and the merchandising juggernaut known as the Grateful Dead?

Smokey Bear/Grateful Dead Merch Not Approved For Use Around Your Parents

Originally planned to debut on 4/20, the announcement was delayed for unknown reasons. When asked why such an obvious pairing took so long, a U.S. Park Service spokesperson responded that 'a lack of motivation throughout the Service was partly to blame. But the fact that everyone else is doing it and we wanted to look cool finally won out.'

Co-branded merchandise will debut this Spring and Summer at visitor centers, head shops, and premium dispensaries located in participating States.

Despite the glut of licensed merchandise in the marketplace, it is this reporter's opinion that they might be rocking the cradle here with another hit on their hands.

Story Filed by That One Stoned Guy In Our Mailroom, Part of the /S Division of Rock Fight, llc. Things have been changed. There are no innocent.


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