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Rock Fight Action Figures... Amara The Psychic SUP!

From vast cosmic depths emerges a supreme mistress of mind and motion -

Amara the Psychic Stand Up Paddler!

With her potent ability to know what’s next, she channels the boundless energy and lunar feelings of the ocean itself.

This highly detailed 6-inch figure captures Amara in all her metaphysical majesty, decked out in a vibrant wetsuit adorned with mystic symbols that amplify her formidable powers. She comes equipped with her signature sacred crystal stand-up board and ornate mandala-blessed paddle to take on any supernatural threats.

Imagine her gliding across shimmering waters, reading the cosmic currents with her mind as she prepares to make waves against the forces of doldrums! With an incredible 16 points of articulation, you can pose Amara in surf stance, reverse prayer, knowing calm, or any number of ready-to-charge positions.

Don't miss your chance to grab your new psychic hero from the Rock Fight Universe. Catch the wave of the future and add this one-of-a-kind Psychic Stand Up Paddler to your action figure collection today!

Amara the Psychic SUP the latest from Rock Fight Action Figures... Collect 'em All!

(Disclaimer: Rock Fight Outdoor Action Figures are possibly possessed by ancient demons, throw real rocks, and are not recommended for anyone to actually own. Available exclusively at defunct toy and sporting goods retailers nowhere. All rights reserved.)


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