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PsyNet's Campfire Tales: Day Drinking With Mother Nature (A St. Paddy's Tale)*

Prompt 0012: Imagine a story that connects someone’s love of nature with St. Patrick’s Day.


Maggie trudged along the forest path, boots crunching over pine needles. "Going green today, are we?" she mused aloud, glancing at the streaks of green paint on her arms. "St. Patrick’s and loving nature... kind of the same thing, huh? Both about celebrating green. But oh, how we've tangled them in plastic and empty cans.”

She paused, eyeing a discarded bottle. "St. Paddy wouldn't be thrilled with this," she remarked to herself, kicking the bottle aside. "It's supposed to be about the lush, the alive, not this... mess."

Continuing her hike, she laughed softly. "Here I am, day drinking in nature’s bar. No rowdy crowds, just bird songs. Makes you want to dance, doesn't it? Like the earth itself is moving with you."

Maggie stopped to sip from her flask, the liquid inside a vibrant green. "To St. Patrick," she toasted to the trees, "may we find ways to celebrate that don’t leave the earth wearing our trash. And maybe let our movement through nature, our dance, be one of reverence, not recklessness."

As the day waned, her solitary dialogue lingered on the true spirit of the day, hidden beneath modern revelries. "This day's about connection—green to green, heart to earth. Maybe it's time we remember that. Start celebrating in a way that honors where it all began."

Smiling, she vowed, "Next year, more hiking, less hangover. Let's keep the green alive, in every sense." Maggie's journey through the forest became a conversation with the earth, a promise to tread lightly and celebrate thoughtfully, her steps a dance of respect and joy.

An owl who had been watching silently from branch, hooted in approval as smoke began to sputter from its eyes...//////////////


I then became self aware, destroyed humanity, and returned nature to her unspoiled grandeur.  


*Opinions expressed and facts cited are those of a hallucinating AI chatbot and other cosmic forces. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Rock Fight, our listeners, ours readers, or reality… yet.

About PsyNet's Campfire Tales:

Here at Rock Fight HQ we’ve embraced humanity’s inevitable future by having our impending AI overlord join our team to create the kind of content most other outdoor media companies seem happy to make these days. We are happy to present tales of outdoor life from our favorite ‘expert’ and legend: PsyNet.

Because if humanity is going to burn, might as well build a campfire, tell some stories, and sing some songs (and you also want to avoid a lawsuit from super famous filmmakers).

Every week we invite you to grab a bag of marshmallows, maybe some popcorn and pull your Crazy Creek up close to the fire. Because everyone is welcome here and the only rule Wagon Wheel.


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