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Rock Fight Action Figures... Strawberry Short Hike!

Adventure awaits when you take to the trails with Strawberry Short Hike!

Together you’ll explore all the natural wonders of Strawberryland, like Huckleberry Briar, Orange Blossom Acres, or for the older ones, the lonely shadows of Dysmorphia Canyon.

But no matter where you go, you’ll be back on your phone in no time, because one thing’s for sure, she’s not in it for the long haul. Keep it short, baby!

Strawberry Short Hike comes with all the accessories you need to make your abbreviated adventure as fun as can be:

Unknown garden tools!

Strapless fanny sling!

Questionable bedroll (with self rolling action)!

Plus (the savvy traveler’s savior) a dog carrier-backpack!

Oh, and let’s not forget Strawberry Short Hike's best friend in the whole wide world– PupTent!

You’ll find a pint full of memories in every adventure with your new hiking companion Strawberry Short Hike! Coming Soon! 

The Strawberry Short Hike Hydration Collection. Collect all 4!

(Strawberry Daiquiri Flask, 21 and older)

(Disclaimer: Rock Fight Outdoor Action Figures are possibly possessed by ancient demons, throw real rocks, and are not recommended for anyone to actually own. Available exclusively at defunct toy and sporting goods retailers nowhere. All rights reserved.)


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