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Bedrock Sandals + 10 Barrel Cloud Mentality (Gear & Beer!)

RAWK comes standard with a cigarette lighter adaptor.

Today THE ROCK FIGHT (an outdoor podcast that aims for the head) we present another episode of the pairings that matter most...GEAR & BEER!

How did Justin & Colin actually meet? Their origin story is rooted in a shared love of Bedrock Sandals. And on today's episode they'll break down the updated Bedrock Cairn Evo 3D PRO's as well as the brand new Bedrock Cairn Evo C's.

And then we begin 10 Barrel month here on Gear & Beer.

Our pals at 10 Barrel Brewing Co have graciously donated four brews for our next four episodes. To kick it off? We're popping our Bedrock clad dawgs up and sampling the Cloud Mentality Hop Burst Hazy IPA.

Gear & Beer... a winning combination!

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Episode Transcript

Colin (00:08): Welcome to the Rock Fight where we speak our truth, slay sacred cows, and sometimes agree to disagree. This is an outdoor podcast that aims for the head, and today we are back with another piece of gear and another beer. It's your weekly dose of gear and beer. I'm Colin. True. I spent over 20 years working for brands and makers in the outdoor industry. Justin (00:27): I'm Justin Housman, a journalist and believe it or not, professional gear reviewer. I'm the senior editor to Venture Journal and maybe most importantly, I'm also a certified beer expert. Colin (00:36): Way more on qualifications than me. I dunno. I feel about this. Justin (00:40): Well, are they Colin (00:41): Hiring at Adventure Journal? Should I try and be a junior editor? Justin (00:45): Let's not go crazy. Okay. Colin (00:47): Today we will be reviewing a piece of gear the way you would expect gear to be reviewed on the rock fight. Sometimes we talk about stack height, geometry and with underfoot, not usually though, but we mostly talk about the experience, our likes and our dislikes. And like Justin said, he's a beer expert, a cerone, which is certified beer expert. You can look it up. It's a real thing. And because we have such an amazing resource at our disposal, after our gear review, we will then follow up that gear review with the perfect post activity pairing. The bottom line is here, you'll get the pairings that matter most. Gear and beer. And Justin, what gear and beer are we reviewing today? Justin (01:24): I'm so afraid I'm going to get this wrong. I'm so afraid. Yeah, we got to Colin (01:27): Talk about the names of these things. Look at that sentence. Justin's looking at the outline I wrote. Justin (01:30): That's why I'm afraid. And that Colin (01:31): Is not even like I'm not messing around. That's just what they're called. This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 2 of 28 Justin (01:35): Well we're talking about Sandals specifically. Bedrock. Our favorite brand. At least my favorite brand. Colin, your favorite brand. Colin (01:41): My favorite brand, Justin (01:42): Yeah. Colin's favorite brand too. So they have a bunch of new products out, new styles or updates to existing styles. And one new style, I guess is what is probably the correct way to say it, the bedrock. Karen Evo 3D Pro, which is a update, correct, Colin? Correct. Colin (01:59): That was an existing one that has been updated. Justin (02:02): And the Karen Evo C, which is a whole new Colin (02:05): Ball of wax. Whole new thing. Justin (02:07): Whole new cushy. Cushy. The C stands for cushy I think. Something like that. Cushion, yeah. And they're also going with the 10 barrel cloud mentality, which is a hazy IPA. Now of course, I dunno, I feel about hazy IPAs. They're pretty much dominating the beer world these days, least the craft beer world. And so that's what we're going with and we want to say thanks to our friends at 10 Barrel. This week is kicking off four consecutive weeks of 10 barrel beers. That's one month folks, they reached out and wanted to donate some suds to the cause. So I went to work as our head cone and pairings expert and thought through this and really, really dove deeply into the styles and the sensations and the feelings that each of these kinds of beers presents. So we have four awesome beers to go with what we presume will be four awesome products as well. Colin (03:00): Is it fun to read something that someone else wrote? Justin (03:02): Yeah, because it's not what I would say. So it's Colin (03:05): Super, I super, I think I wrote it in my voice then I'm like, oh, Justin should say this. Justin (03:08): That's fine. Colin (03:11): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 3 of 28 But before we get to our big bedrock breakdown, I want to remind you that we love our listeners and we love hearing from our listeners and we want hear about the gear you want to see featured here on Gear and Beer. Send your suggestions and feedback to my rock This last month, the pod has really grown. So to all of our new listeners, please follow the show on Apple Podcast or Spotify. Leave us a five star review. Thanks for supporting the show and I guess it's time to get into it. Let's talk about Bedrocks. Justin (03:37): I'm wearing my bedrocks. Me Colin (03:38): Too. Justin (03:39): Yeah, which ones are you wearing? I Colin (03:40): Got on the Justin (03:42): Go ahead. Just go ahead and easily spit it out. Colin (03:45): The 3D pros, I mean, do we want to start with naming conventions or do we want to praise first? Let's praise first. Justin (03:50): Yeah, let's praise first. Let's praise first. And I'm wearing the care Nivo Seas, the super cushy ones. Colin (03:55): So this is the product that brought us together though. You don't seem to remember that though. Justin (03:58): No, I don't. But that's not, well I guess it was my fault. I just don't have a great memory for those sorts of things. I remember our first conversation, but I don't remember specifically that was about bedrocks. Colin (04:07): So you reviewed just the Karens, I think they were called just the basic and for Justin (04:13): Adventure Journal, maybe Karen Pros, they might've been Karen Pros. Colin (04:15): Right. And I remember reading that and being like, those things look sick because I've always worn Chacos like everybody else who wears any sort of sandal for the most part. A lot of people wear Chacos This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 4 of 28 in the outdoor space and there was something about the way they looked or I liked the sort of combo floop, but with a strap on the heel. I'm like, that looks amazing. So I Justin (04:36): Bought a pair, I want to talk about that in a minute, but go ahead. Yeah, Colin (04:38): No, no. Bought a pair. Bought a pair for a river trip and immediately these are the best things ever. Wore them on the river trip. Loved them. Took 'em hiking probably because I think you rode about taking them hiking and I'm like, I'll try hiking. And I hiked them on the river trip and all that kind of stuff. And then I did an episode of my old podcast called Layers About Them, and I think I forwarded it to said, Hey, you should check this out. You said you liked it and then I don't know, but that was kind of how the first reason we got connected through social media was over Bedrocks. Justin (05:05): Man. Every single time you say layers, I think you're saying Laird, like Laird Hamilton, the surfer model or whatever we want to call 'em just because I'm from the surf world, so anytime I hear, I just assume someone's going to be talking about Laird Hamilton also you have that weird East Coast thing you say as like it's one syllable LA Colin (05:23): Yeah, well I try to say it like it is two, otherwise it sounds like lair. Justin (05:26): Yeah, but that's what you say. That's what, no, it's H is what you say. It's that's the same word. You just said it again. It's the same exact thing. Anyway, Colin (05:35): What's your bedrock origin story? How did you come across? Well, they're surprisingly an old brand. They've been around for over 10 years now. Justin (05:43): Well gosh, where did I, I don't remember actually. So they were originally based in the Bay Area, so it's entirely possible that a friend of mine just had some lying around which, so I wrote a story, I should put it back up if I can find it. I wrote a story for Adventure Journal a long time ago called Fine I'll Wear Sandals. And it's about how in my experience, which I tend to assume is the universal one, I'm an only child because in my experience Californians aren't really into sandals. We wear flip flops, but we don't wear sandals. And coming into the outdoor space from California, I'd go to or I'd go visit friends in Utah, go to Colorado, what have you, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana. Everybody's in freaking Chacos and Tampas everyone. And we just do not wear those here. You'll see 'em now, but if you see someone wearing 'em now, it's usually because they're from one of those other states. And so I don't think I wrote it about Bedrocks. I think I wrote it about a pair of Chacos that I got and I was like, okay, yeah. I was like, I'll try it. And I loved them. I was just like, oh, these are insane. It took me a really long time to get over how they looked. They, I mean, sandals are dorky. I think we should get that out in the open right now. You can develop an appreciation for them, but I mean for the most part on men, sandals are pretty freaking dorky. (07:04): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 5 of 28 So that was part of the reason, I dunno why flip flops are less, but we just never grew up with them. We wore flow hosts. Do you remember Flow Colin (07:10): Hosts? No Justin (07:11): Flow hose. They were rubber and they basically looked like Tevas or whatever, but they were rubber and a really thin heel. And surfers are kind of into those for a while. There is something Colin (07:22): About adding in the nineties is strap on the heel, even the bedrocks, which I think look better than most of the sandals you're describing, most of the traditional kind of sandals. But they do look better. But still, I do think if I'm going out just casually, I'd rather wear flip flops than these. Justin (07:36): And I guess I should say I don't necessarily think of them as dorky anymore, but when you're coming from a world where nobody really wears them, they do seem kind of dorky and they're not what you're used to. So just never really, it wasn't like I resisted it, I just never really thought about it. So it's either someone gave me them or maybe I saw 'em at or something. I don't remember. I just thought, you know what, I should try these. And their story was cool. They were from the East Bay and I think the people that started it lived on a boat at the time and I thought that was kind of neat. Not like a yacht, just like a little crappy boat in the Oakland harbor. And so I got into 'em and I got a pair and immediately understood why people like these so much and what I usually describe 'em as, even though, so I've grown up wearing flip flops my entire life without realizing that you subconsciously kind of hold the thong part with your toes when you're wearing flip flops, I don't think you even realize that you're doing it or you kind of grip the whole ball of your foot with your toes a little bit just to keep the sandal kind of on and connected to your foot. (08:36): And the really nice thing about bedrocks, because it has that thong or whatever you want to call it between your toes and the heel strap is you let your toes just, they're completely free and it frees up the forefoot really well. And I dunno what it is about that, but I find that deeply comforting and they're really stable and I learned pretty quickly you can hike big miles in them. I mean Bedrock talks about people doing the PCT on them, and I have no doubt that that's true. I've never had an issue with stubbing a toe on a rock. They get less rocks in them than my Keens will for some reason. And they just really quickly are proved themselves to be a workhorse of a shoe. I love them on bikes. It's probably super dangerous, but I love to ride bikes with them, like my gravel bike and stuff. Putting a foot down at high speed would suck, but luckily I haven't really had to do that. But man, they really are go anywhere, do anything shoes and they're the most comfortable shoes I own, period in my collection. Even my super nice leather reef sandals aren't as comfortable as these. Colin (09:35): Yeah, part of the reason what you're talking about is why we decided to pair it with the 10 barrel. Not to jump ahead of the beer part, but it is kind of the do it all shoe, even though you like, oh, it's a river shoe a's a water shoe, it's a sandal. It's like, yeah, I guess you could kind of classify that way. And if I was merchandising a wall at a gear shop, I would have them with the other sandals. But everything Justin said is true. Wearing them on hikes, I wear them on hikes all the time. There's nothing I would go do aside from winter activities that I wouldn't wear my bedrocks to go do it in. This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 6 of 28 Justin (10:07): Well, they would not be my first choice for if I was going to go backpacking, I would bring them and I do for river crossings or just after I'm done. But if I could only bring one pair of shoes backpacking, it wouldn't be these just Colin (10:23): Because Justin (10:23): Agree that as we know Colin (10:25): The versatility with 'em. Justin (10:26): But you totally could. And I guess I Colin (10:29): Imagine you could with any of these sandals and there's no reason why you couldn't. But it's really a hard thing to put my finger on what it is about the bedrocks that is different. I've had Justin (10:38): Chocolate. Go ahead, let's talk about that. I mean they're minimalist and you can get real minimalist versions of them too. I forget what those are called, but it's basically a virum sole with straps on top. At least that's how the first ones were. And we could talk about the newer ones being a little bit different, but my original Karen Pros, I mean they really are a virum sole with a very thin, I don't even mid sole I guess, or Footbed really. It's like a probably glued to the outsole and I'm talking like a half a centimeter was worth and that's it. And then you have the nice luggy stiff virum outsole and so they don't have the chunky look or feel of most Chacos and Tevas. I'm sure you can get minimalist Chacos and Tevas now, although I've never seen them, but I bet you can. Colin (11:26): Well taco's whole thing is the arch support and that kind of thicker, the whole thing is much more burly underfoot. Justin (11:34): And I have heard from people that just flat out don't like bedrocks and I think if you need a lot of arch support, you're not going to like them. They don't have any, Colin (11:41): And if you don't like thongs or flip flops, you're not going to like them either. Justin (11:43): Totally, totally. And so there's, I mean I think for the most part, most people probably would get on board, but there's going to be specific kind of feet types and preferences that people just won't like 'em. But that's the main difference. They feel so much more secure on my foot and more secure on a trail than This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 7 of 28 either Tevas or Chacos. And I've tried lots of different versions of those and they're fine, but I just feel like they fit better. There's less straps hanging off everywhere. They're easier to put on a take off. They're just a simpler version of basically any other sandal that I've ever had. Colin (12:15): The other things that they do that I really like, I love. So the 3D Pros, this is the only one style I've had. I have the updated ones now that we've been testing out as well as the original ones I had, and then we'll get into the season in a second, but they've been really thoughtful about if you want to eliminate Velcro from the models too. They have a hook and loop system on here that is actually pretty intuitive. You get a pair of Chacos and you have to figure out how to manipulate the straps in order to cinch it down and do it the right way. This is kind of a ai, you got to figure out how to set it, but number one, you're eliminating Velcro, which is I think a good thing in terms of, I'm sure it's just going to last longer than without the Velcro and also less chance for any sort of abrasion from the Velcro. And then once you set it, it's like, God, it sounds stupid, but set it, forget it kind of thing where you just, you loosen up, put it back on and it's perfect every single time. Justin (13:01): The only complaint I have would be the same as I would have about Tevas or Chacos. It would be nice. I do like a clog entry where you don't have to touch it with your hands. That would be cool. You kind of can. I found that if I kind of put 'em on and just put my toes where the toes go, eventually that strap will move around my heel. But I mean I just end up putting 'em on. Colin (13:21): So, and anyone listening to, like Justin said, these are updates. So the 3D Pro, so I've now am kind of fortunate that I had the 3D pros before and immediately when I put these on, they did feel better. The old 3D pros I felt like, and it never bothered me, but now that I have these, there was always a little bit of, I don't want to flop. I'm making a motion with my hands that nobody could see but Justin. But it's like where when I could, you could feel almost the sandal kind of separate from the bottom of your foot is a little bit of movement up around the Justin (13:46): Forefoot. Okay, I could see that. Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about. Colin (13:48): These are much more secure on my foot and also the placement of the straps around my foot. I never blistered, I never got any real rubbing, but I definitely, these are much more comfortable the way the straps were laying against my foot. So whatever little changes they made to the model, at least for my feet anyway, I've been total upgrades and I was already pleased with, they were already my favorite shoes before. Justin (14:08): Well, that's interesting. I didn't look to see if the straps are actually in a different place. I mean the thing that I noticed right away is that it's got to be 30% thicker than my originals are. At least the first. Oh, Colin (14:18): Because you had the thinner ones. This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 8 of 28 Justin (14:20): Yeah, apparently. So maybe that's how they've always been. But to me that's the main difference I noticed. And it looks to me, and it could just, no, it has to be because I haven't had 'em that long. It seems like there's a bit more ergonomics worked into the foot bed a little bit. It just looks like more of something that's like accepting your foot rather than a flat plank. Now I have really flat feet and I like that. So I prefer the originals that I have, which I believe are just the Karen Pros. And then the three Ds are the ones I think have a bit more going on with a footed. And then I prefer the Cs to the, here we go, because the naming conventions, I don't know, whatever the new ones that they sent us, the Colin (15:00): Cs, the, we just go three pros. The seas are the cushy and then the Cs. Those will be our designations. Okay, so Justin (15:05): The 3D Pros, they're fine, they're good. If I had never had a pair of bedrocks, I would be all into them. I would love them. They're very nice. But I actually like the more minimalist first edition that I have Colin (15:15): More, Justin (15:15): More because I like that flat sort of planky feeling. Again, I have very flat feet, so it feels like it fits my foot perfectly and it feels really secure. It feels great. The Cs are amazingly comfortable. I mean they are night and day different. I don't think I would hike in these because they have the same kind of thing that I don't like about trail runners, which is they feel a little bit floppier or not flop. You use the floppy term. That's not what I mean. They feel a little bit squishier and they move Colin (15:44): A bit more, little less stable. Justin (15:46): Go, Colin (15:47): Go. Thank you. It's a bit of an overstatement probably. But yeah, I agree with you. Just a Justin (15:50): Little bit. A little bit. Just feel, you can feel the mids. I Colin (15:54): You can feel that Justin (15:54): Movement. You can feel the sole moving, you can feel the foam, the originals, if you squeeze it, nothing happens. It just feels like a super hard rubber outsole. These when you squeeze it, there's foam in there. And again, fine, super comfortable around town. I've been wearing 'em around town like crazy lately. I'd This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 9 of 28 rather wear these I think maybe than my original Karens around town. But I wouldn't hike in these. I would, but I would be more comfortable hiking in the originals. Colin (16:20): So I don't like the seas that much. That's not fair. I put them on. They're very comfortable and you immediately get that squish. And honestly, I corresponded a little bit with our contact over there at Bedrock. I got some comments on the products May, I'll read some of that in a minute. But what I like about the 3D pros, it sounds like what you like around the original Karen Pros is I like almost minimalist. I like that it's a little more, I'm trying to think of the right adjectives to describe it. It's not severe, it's not hard. It's all comfortable. Justin (16:52): There's a yeah, no, they're super comfortable, Colin (16:54): But you know what I mean. But it is like it's a harder platform when Justin (16:56): You first put 'em on, they feel way different than unless you've worn other minimalist sandals like this, they feel totally different. You feel like you're almost walking barefoot on pavement, but not in a bad way. Not at all in a bad way. Colin (17:07): No. It's almost offputting. So probably conditioned to have that kind of, Ooh, I have this squishy thing underfoot and it doesn't feel like that, but it also doesn't feel bad. And then when you start wearing 'em around, you're like, these things are awesome. You love them Justin (17:19): And your foot will eventually dig in and it mold itself to your foot slightly. But yeah, I know I've hiked 10 miles in mine with a backpack. I think I had mine before my kids were born, and so I was still backpacking and I remember specifically breaking a lace on one of my boots and it couldn't really get it tied properly. And I always have these with me, whether if I'm doing a big day hike where I know there's going to be water involved, I'll always have a pair of bedrocks in my backpack. And so I had to hike out 10 miles and they were totally fine and in a lot of more comfortable than trail winners or boots would be. So yeah, I've always brought 'em with me and I've always worn them. I'll wear these when I wet weighed, which is fishing without waiters basically when you're standing in the water with just shorts or whatever. And I have shoes for that purpose, but I don't really wear 'em anymore. I usually wear the bedrocks for those. And they're a little slippery on mossy wet rocks. That's a whole different world that they're not designed for, but they're grippy enough and they dry really fast. I mean they're phenomenal water shoes. Colin (18:21): Yeah, I see why. And Matt did say one thing from Bedrock when I asked him what was the impetus behind the cs, and it's like it was definitely consumer response. People were asking something a little more comfortable and they're 135 bucks. The 3D pros are 140 bucks. I'm sure they will sell more of the cushion ones than anything else. And I get it, it's probably a smart line expansion personally. It's like if kind of flies right in the face of what I like about the Bedrocks. This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 10 of 28 Justin (18:46): I agree. I agree and I get it, but I feel like if you're thinking about buying bedrocks, I would buy the thinner ones. I don't give them a chance. Let yourself adapt. You were totally right. We are used to hokas and super cushy shoes and you put something like this on and your first instinct is going to probably be, oh, I don't like this at all. But then you walk around a little bit. Unfortunately you can't really walk around in a bunch and send 'em back, I suppose, but just give 'em a chance. I don't know anybody who has them, who's had them for a while, who doesn't love them. Colin (19:19): Yeah, no, it's kind of a bit of a cult. Justin (19:23): Oh yeah, you will absolutely. At least for the next few years until they presumably really take off. You will totally. If you live in a, well, I don't know, maybe it's not like this in Colorado. Maybe there's lots of bedrocks or they're in Bozeman now, right? They're Colin (19:35): In Bozeman, they're Montana brand. Justin (19:36): Probably in Bozeman, nobody would care. But around here, if I see somebody else with Bedrocks, we'll say hi to each other. Colin (19:41): Oh, I was at my bike shop down, I was in North Park in San Diego and a guy came in with bedrocks, so like, yeah, bedrocks. What's up man? And we were high fiving. These are the best shoes Justin (19:49): Ever. And then you'll talk to people that have the other brands that are similar like Luna and Xero. You'll go up to those people, you'll be like, what are those? Because you could tell that they're similar, but they're not the same and they'll be like, oh, these are Lunas. I didn't even know about Luna until a month ago. Well, Colin (20:02): And just the good news keeps coming, so everything's assembled in the us There are parts that are sourced globally, but they do make and so them and assemble 'em in Montana and that's kind of amazing. Everything, everything in their line is they have the resell, they spell soul SOUL Justin (20:18): Program. I thought you were spelling that wrong in the email. No, Colin (20:20): I Justin (20:20): Was just like, Colin, you making us look bad, bro? This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 11 of 28 Colin (20:23): No, man, I was just trying to speak their language. So every Karen Evo product can be resold and then I double checked on the mountain clog that will able to be resold starting the summer. So that's something that these things will last. And actually when you get them resold, they put a little rel tab on it. Oh, that's Justin (20:40): Rad. Yeah, that's kind of cool. That's very cool because spelled the wrong way. If you see that, then if you see that, then you really know you have something to bond to somebody about Colin (20:46): That goes with the price point. 140 bucks for the ones that we're talking about, 1 35 for the cushions. It's kind of like we were talking about with the Scarpa's. I mean ideally I should have these now. I did look it up. So the Chaco does Resoling as well, but only for their Z strapp sandals. So the Z line is like five or six different and the Z line. Justin (21:02): That's what I had. Yeah, that was my chocolate. Yeah, Colin (21:04): That's their classic. But they make a lot of other shoes. I don't want to start bagging on Chaco in a bedrock review, but it's kind of like if you're reselling these, why can't you make all this other stuff to be resold as well, or at least more of it anyway, so good on bedrock for having that as an available option. Justin (21:20): Well I mean the cool thing too about these is I guess is what you're getting at. You will have these forever. I can't fathom what would happen to them mean, especially because you're not undoing and redoing the Velcro constantly. I mean you can imagine how annoying that would get. Eventually the strap would start to curl away as it always does, and the hook and loop would stop kind of working and you'd have these dangly stupid things that you have to figure out how you put tape on it that would shave or something. But I will always have these no matter what, and I treat them like shit. My wife left her pair out in all winter long in the backyard and the other day we were like, oh yeah, there's my bedrocks. They're fine. They're Colin (21:57): Totally fine. If you listen to the show, you know how much it rained at Justin's house? Justin (22:00): Yeah, it rained a lot. We got like 60 inches of rain, not exaggerating. Yeah, Jesus. Last year we had 80 Colin (22:07): Last. It's better. Did it feel like it rained more this year? Justin (22:11): Because last year all the 80 inches all happened like three weeks. Colin (22:14): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 12 of 28 Okay. I was going to say, yeah, we were talking last year, but I feel like we talked more about the rain this year. So it was more, I Justin (22:18): Think it also took three years to get to me. I think after a while, right? It's Colin (22:21): The third winter in a row where it actually rained. Like I said, nah, next year's going to be great. Back to the drought baby. Bring the sun bagg. It'll be wonderful. You've wor your bedrocks all winter long in Marin. It's going to Justin (22:29): Be beautiful. I'm so stressed, so worried about fire. But yeah. Yeah, I mean, so the only thing I haven't really done with these other than a couple times is bedrocks, you can get to, I think in Jji makes, I think they have a little relationship because I think that's the sock brand that makes the tow socks because you can get their socks on their site. On the bedrock side, those Colin (22:47): Jim's, I saw they were selling socks on their site. Justin (22:50): I think they're they're they used to be, I'm pretty sure. And I've done that a couple times while camping. But man, it's such a pain in the ass, but toe socks on. Colin (22:57): Yeah, I dunno. At that point I should put Justin (22:59): On shoes. Oh, I think it might make a split toe though. Split toe socks with these would be ideal. I need to get a pair. I would love to wear these around the winter when it's dry, obviously not wet, but Colin (23:08): Then it's mountain clog season. Justin (23:09): Mountain clogs are dope. So they make these shoes that are basically the same everything except they have a leather clog part for the top of your foot and your toes. They're really nice. They're Colin (23:19): Great. I always wear those too. If you want to go mountain biking and I can't put my regular bedrocks on with regular socks, then it's like, oh, I'll throw my mountain clogs on to ride to the trail head. Justin (23:29): Have you ridden a mountain bike with bedrocks yet? Colin (23:32): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 13 of 28 No. So that's one of the things all my bikes have clipping pedals. Clipless pedals on. Justin (23:36): That's right. I forgot you're not doing. Yeah, I can't stand clipless. Have you ever used them? It feels, yeah. Colin (23:42): What happened? Justin (23:43): I just don't like the feel. I mean, I like that you can whip your bike around more. I like that bunny hopping is pretty way easier. Way fun. I never, Colin (23:51): I Justin (23:51): Just like not. No, I think it's probably because a lot of the trails I ride have a lot of technical climbing and having to think about whether I can get my foot off clip in time to put my Colin (24:02): Foot down. Why I never think about that. This starts to happen now. You never got to that point where you're at 'em, you're easy to pop 'em in out, in and out. Justin (24:08): I dunno, I've fallen down enough I guess because I couldn't get my foot off in time. Colin (24:11): It's because you're stoned when you're riding. I mean that's probably part of the problem. Justin (24:15): That's why, yeah, Colin (24:16): You just always high where out there. Yeah, I can't get my feet Justin (24:19): Out. Am I falling? Bam? No, I don't know. I don't like it. I'm an old school bike guy. I like being able to just hop off the bike. It just feels like unnecessary attachment to the bike. I get it. But I also don't feel, the only benefit I've ever really understood with them is occasionally my feet will come off the pedals if I'm doing something extremely Colin (24:37): Rowdy. That's mostly it. Or even climbing sometimes where it's just like, I like just being locked in on it. I know I've done it for so feels weird. I don't think it really help feels so weird. Well, I'm thinking of This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 14 of 28 making the crowd monkey a single speed. If that case, I'll put flats on it, then I'll ride in my bedrocks. But no, but this is my go-to to wear to the gym. If I just go to the gym to lift. Justin (24:54): I love Colin (24:54): That. And obviously water sports, I would ride a bike. They're just the fucking best dude. And if you really said these are, there's a pair of shoes that you can only have one pair of shoes that you own. It would probably be my bedrocks. Justin (25:09): I don't think we've really said it this clearly. It really is flip flops that you can do outdoor sporty stuff in. Basically that's what it is. It's like, oh, it feels pretty much like you're wearing flip flops, except you can run in them, you can hike in them. I played basketball in them. It's fine. Colin (25:26): Well, what we had talked about, do we pair these with a Dale's Pale Ale because they're like, oh, it's a river shoe. It's like, well yeah, it's a river shoe, but it does so much more. So let's save the Dale's for more of a true river review. The only thing, and we've been dancing around it, bedrock, I'm sure you're going to listen to this. You were nice enough to hook us up, you know, have two fans. You got to work on the naming conventions. It's confusing. Justin (25:54): It's really confusing. Well, Colin (25:55): I'm speaking from a consumer point of view. So there are the new Karen collection, but then if you go on the website, there's two or three different links to take you to multiple things that are called the Karen. It's just like give 'em names, just like name it the Oakland from Oakland or the Bozeman. Because wherever you are in Bozeman, just give them names. It's just, that's a little too, the 3D Pro, Karen, this and then the C and they're all Karen. Justin (26:19): I mean, in their defense, very few people are going to have multiple models, Colin (26:23): But I wouldn't even know what the shop don't really need to memorize. Okay, which one is that? Justin (26:27): That's true. Many of them honestly. Okay, Colin (26:29): Lemme put it this way then. Instead of consumers, think of your retailers on a busy Saturday who somebody just came out and tried on four different pairs of your shoes and now they This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 15 of 28 Justin (26:37): Have to put all those boxes. You know what I really liked were the Evo Pro, Karen, two Cs, Colin (26:44): And now you got to match up the shoes that are on the floor in their boxes and put them back in the back room and that poor set of a bitch is going to be sitting there. I think this is the right one. Justin (26:55): You know what though? They're all going to be fine. Even if you walk out the store with the wrong ones, they're going to work just fine. I mean, I just said I like my original ones better than the upgraded version, but if my original ones got lost, I'd be super stoked and just fine with the new version too. Yeah, Colin (27:10): This one we are Justin (27:11): Definitely, I'm surprised you don't like the Cs. I mean, I get it. I get that you don't like the cushion, but man, they're comfortable. Holy smokes. They're cozy. Colin (27:18): I mean, I'm going to be a little rough on 'em when we rate 'em, but that's me personally and how much I like the 3D pros. I do get it. I see it. I did ask Matt, are you guys thinking about doing a flip flop? I would love to have a bedrock flip flop. They're not currently planning on doing that. What Justin (27:31): Do you do? And your whole thing is fewer skews? Colin (27:33): Well, if you asking Justin (27:34): For a Colin (27:34): Flip flop, I expand your line. I guess I'd rather have Justin (27:36): A why do they need to? They don't need to expand. Colin (27:38): They don't Justin (27:39): Bedrock. For God's sake. Please don't expand, just make these. That's true. Keep making these. Please don't make 37 different kinds of sandals. This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 16 of 28 Colin (27:45): Adults are making Chelsea boots. Justin (27:47): I mean, I dunno, we're in your business however you want, but yeah, exactly. Colin (27:49): That's what would be next. Well, when it comes to the ome or too, so I kind was just digging around. This is an interesting category because when think about sports sandals, every footwear brand has sandals. If you name a footwear brand and you go to their website, I guarantee you they have a sandal and then you have even there's Birkenstocks, which are a sandal brand, but then they have now their EVA version of their Birkenstocks and that kind of stuff. But when it comes to sports sandals, and when you look at it, just using r as a reference, it's basically Chaco, Teva, keen, and now Bedrock. Yeah, right. Go ahead Justin (28:25): Lunas. You can get Luna's. Well, I was going to Colin (28:26): Say, you'll see some of the running sandals thrown into the mix, but in terms, that's kind of it. Now if we're going to evaluate the category on a sustainability kind of stuff, ter point of view, it's actually, and you only focus on the sandals, not the entire Chaco range and just sort of look at sandals. It's pretty minimal compared to a lot of stuff we see in the outdoor space. Sure, Justin (28:49): Sure. Yeah, I saw outside just did a thing where we tested, I think it was like 150 pairs of trail runners or something. And these are the 18 that we liked the best. I'm like the 18. Colin (29:00): This is exactly our point and why we talk about Justin (29:02): This. Can you imagine trying to parse that? Just being like, you know what, these are my 18th favorite as opposed to these, which were my 43rd favorite. How Colin (29:11): Do you even, at some point, are you just flipping a coin? Yeah, I guess that Justin (29:15): One is good. The other thing too, everything is good now. That's the other problem. That's a problem is you know, whatever the ones they liked the least were probably perfectly fine and better than anything you could about 25 years ago. Yeah, Colin (29:26): All 43 were probably great. This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 17 of 28 Justin (29:28): Everything works good. That's Colin (29:29): What we talked about, even with the ess, right? It's like the ess, you love them, but if it went away you'd be like, okay, well I'm running these now. I mean it's just like It's true. That is bonkers, dude. It's true. If you started with 18, I'd still feel a little overwhelmed. Like, Ooh, 18, that's a lot of Justin (29:43): Shoes. Yeah, we whittled down to five even then I'm like, eh, five five, fuck. Just tell me the ones I need to buy. Colin (29:50): So I mean, I don't want, between Teva and Keen and Chaco, I think Bedrock is still like we're talking about, you don't want them expand and I would prefer they didn't as well, but they're still pretty minimal in terms of the amount of skis they have. Yeah, of, so the category though is pretty dialed in. I mean, I don't think there's a lot of room for more, I'm hoping. No, well you do get Mark Pagan, who is the founder of Chaco, he has his tread labs. Have you seen those? They're starting. Other people Justin (30:15): Trying to, because they're running shoes too, right? Colin (30:16): No, it's another sandal brand. Justin (30:18): No, but I mean aren't those running sandals? No, I think Colin (30:20): They're just sandals. They don't look that great. They just aesthetically. Justin (30:26): Yeah, I feel like it's, we have enough. We're good. We're good. We're good everyone. We're good. Colin (30:34): Alright, well let's rate these things then. So what do you think, man? What are you going to give? We have two shoes to rate. You got a number in mind? Justin (30:40): Okay, so I guess I would say Colin (30:44): Let's do the 3D Pros first. Justin (30:46): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 18 of 28 3D Pros. Those are the not cushy ones. Pushier than before. Colin (30:50): They're still Karens though, just so you know. But Justin (30:51): They're, they're still Karens. I mean I had probably like a solid seven. Colin (30:58): Wow, okay. Seven. I went 9.1 on the Karen Pros. They're my favorite. I fucking love the Justin (31:03): 3D pros. Well I guess I'm also comparing them to the original ones I have, which the original ones I Colin (31:08): Have. Would you like better? Yeah, Justin (31:10): Yeah. So I'd, I dunno seven. Okay. I'd Colin (31:12): Seven all. I'm going 9.1. And then on the Cs, the ies, Justin (31:16): I mean now I'm going to go higher. I'm just feeling round numbers. I guess I go eight. I would say eight. I would say that the original Cairns that I have are nines are the eights and then the newer ones are, they're fine. They're totally good. If the original ones didn't exist, I'd rate 'em higher. But compared to the original ones, I say seven. I like the more minimalist aspect of my original ones. Man, Colin (31:38): The longer bedrock is on, the worse they get for you. Apparently just 9, 8, 7. Just going in reverse. Justin (31:43): No, I just clearly liked Well, but no, because the cushier ones are rating higher than the That's true. Just the regular three pros. I mean it's tough. They're not that different. Seven and nine is probably too far apart. But that's what I'm going with. Colin (31:57): Alright, I'm going low on the Cs. This is a personal ranking. Again, I want to reiterate, I think it was a smart decision. There are more people who are going to try on the CS and say, Ooh, I like the way that field. Justin (32:08): You're definitely going to go, Ooh, you're definitely going to make that. Ooh, you're going to make that sound. So This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 19 of 28 Colin (32:11): I wouldn't say this in a, I don't recommend the shoe. I'm saying personally, considering how high I am on the 3D pros, my rating for the C, I'm just going 5.40 Justin (32:21): Man, that's low. You know what though? I just thought something else has occurred to me. There is a slight downside to the Cs, which is that once you start getting the souls looking this chunky, you start moving into a slightly doer realm of sandal. That's Colin (32:34): True. Justin (32:35): So I'm going to keep it as an eight, but I just also want to warn we can Colin (32:39): It in a few months after the summer's over and they're all Justin (32:41): Like you look at 'em. Part of the reason that the other bedrocks are so cool is because the soul is so fricking minimal. It looks like you mean business now. It's like it kind of looks like you're just going to wear these to wash your car or whatever, which is Colin (32:52): Fine. The car washing model. There you go. There's a name for it, called it the car washer love. That's what the CC Justin (32:56): Stands for. I mean I wear my bedrocks and I wash my car, part of it, my Colin (32:59): Bedrocks for everything. Justin (33:01): Part of it is, it is a really cool tan. The bedrock tan is very cool. That little, you get that triangle on the top of your foot. I love the bedrock tan. Colin (33:09): No, but I think 5.4, I don't mind going there because I still look at five is average. That's the middle. That's true. So above, slightly above average. And again, personal ranking. I would still wear these probably, I don't know. Actually we should do another sandal down the line. It'd be an interesting to do kind of a comparison. Justin (33:23): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 20 of 28 No, we totally should. I don't really wear, I haven't been wearing chocolates or tevas for a while though. Teva sent me some funny ones that have, this is like dad, girl, dad on the back. Oh no because you could customize 'em now. Oh no. I've worn 'em around a few times. I just kind forget. Have you like them? They're comfy. Yeah, but they have a lot. There's just a lot going on. Big fixed souls straps everywhere. They're just different. Colin (33:44): I love the simplicity man. Justin (33:46): Bedrock. Yeah, me too. We love you. Colin (33:47): Never change bedrock. Never change. Alright, well let's turn our attention to after the activity at the break, the put in the trailhead, we're going to crack open the cooler and iib a beverage so we can celebrate our wins and losses in the back country. Let's have a beer. So Justin, I know we already said what we're having, but let's go to reintroduce it here. We we're out there, we're on our bedrocks, we got on some Patagonia baggies. We just put in a long day on the river. Justin (34:13): Long day, right? Long Colin (34:15): Day. We just got done unloading the boat at camp for the night. What are we pulling? What are we pulling out of the cooler? Justin, what do we got? Justin (34:22): We're going with a little cloud mentality now. This is part of their hot burst series, which I guess means there's lots of hops. Don't love 10 Barrel. I did I not say Colin (34:30): That? No, you said cloud mentality. Justin (34:32): Okay, sorry. Buy 10 Barrel. 10 Barrel Brewing and Bend Oregon. Colin (34:36): They bend really in Portland. Justin (34:37): This was Bend right here on the Camp Colin (34:38): Bend. Sorry. There you go. Justin (34:42): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 21 of 28 I don't know if I went. I've been to the 10 Barrel. I've been there. But my favorite brewery in Portland is Crux. I'm sorry. In Bend is C Crux Brewing. I don't know if you even know if they're still there. They out on the out. They're kind on the outskirts and they made a bunch of just unusual beers, but glorious view of bachelor and whatever the heck other peaks are out there. Oh, so cool. That's awesome. Anyway, anyway, hot burst, which I guess it's going to be a pretty hoppy. It's a hazy. IPA. I've never had it. We should say we've never, neither of us have had this cool looking can. It's got some ferns and some big old clouds. Cloud mentality kind. Makes sense. I'm guessing cloud is a reference to the haziness. Sure. I dunno, a lot of people don't like hazy IPAs, but also kind of depends. I don't like ones that you have to chew on. You know what I mean? Some of them you feel like you need a knife and a fork or they look like you poured a glass of yellow milk. I'm not a huge fan of that. I hope that's not what this is like. But I love a mildly hazy IP eight. There's so much flavor, so much juiciness going on. I Colin (35:42): Really, really enjoy. I going go back on the hazy. I like the hazy. I'm all in on the trend. Justin (35:48): I mean, when I first got into beer, I didn't like IPAs period. When I first even as doing all my sister own stuff, that's probably why learned to like them. I had to drink so many of 'em to, you have to learn the difference between a New England and a traditional West coast. There's big differences. And so I just started drinking so many of 'em. I guess you kind of eventually develop a taste, but my wife won't, she won't even probably wouldn't even Colin (36:08): Smell this beer. My wife won't either. Justin (36:10): A lot of people hate these. Colin (36:12): I did see that. This is a New England IPA. So your point you just made, what is a New England IPA? Justin (36:18): Well usually this is really, Colin (36:20): I saw that on untapped earlier when I was kind of digging around about this. Justin (36:24): So it's been a while since I've been in the weeds with this sort of thing. Usually it's going to be difference in hop usage. That should be the main difference. I don't think there's any differences in yeast. So you can get, I know we don't like the word well, I've made funny if you're using the word flavors to describe beer, but I mean the flavor of different beers can come from hops. It will come from hops, barley and yeast. But often the main ones are going to be hops and they're also going to be yeasts. There would've been a time when I could have told you what the hops that the New England would use versus the west coast. But it used to be the case that the west coast ones were much bigger, much more like punch you in the face. Kind of like a hop experience, more of the astringent bitterness that can be really unpleasant. And the East This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 22 of 28 coast we're usually a little bit milder, a little bit closer to an English IPA. But I don't know if that's going to be the case here. I would sort of expect that, but I'm not positive. Colin (37:23): So what flavor is this then? Justin (37:25): Exactly? Yeah, shut up Colin. It feels heavy. Can feels heavy. 7%, which is too strong for me these days. Colin (37:35): Yeah, Justin (37:36): That's a one and done. And I like beer too much to do that. But if I had two of these, I would not love tomorrow, I don't think. But I would've. I will say the nice thing about it, a strong beer, this is, I'm more likely to enjoy something like this while camping than I am around the house. Sure. Right. I mean I have one of these, I'm completely done. But if it's like you and me and we're on a bike backing trip or something like that and I want to get kind of loose, two of these would be real nice. Right? Real nice. Alright, Colin (38:02): You ready to open it up? Justin (38:03): I'm ready. Colin (38:04): 3, 2, 1, 2, 1. Okay, nice. Justin (38:09): Okay, we're pouring these. We're pouring these. Yeah. Colin (38:11): Yeah. Justin said we need to put these in a Justin (38:13): Glass. Oh my God, that smells good. Colin (38:15): It does smell really good. Justin (38:16): Okay, this is perfect. This is exactly the color I was hoping it would be. So you are getting, it's a nice yellow kind, golden straw and it's hazy, but it's not in any way. Do you know what I mean? Describe some of them are straight milky, like a really light yellow and super This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 23 of 28 Colin (38:32): Opaque. I know mean milky is a good way to use it. And actually I've had some of those and I like, but I also know what you mean. This is that I am holding it up. I can't see you, but it's also not that milky. Justin (38:44): It's too dark where you are. But when you look at mine in the light, Colin (38:47): A good color, look at that color. Justin (38:49): That's beautiful. Colin (38:50): All right, well cheers buddy. Justin (38:56): Oh man, Colin (38:57): That's real nice. Justin (38:58): That's really good. Yeah, it's really good surprise. At 7%. Colin (39:05): I describe that as sort of a dangerous beer, 7%. And I feel like I could drink that really, really fast. Justin (39:10): It's really juicy. Really, really juicy and definitely some citrus. I'm trying to see if it says what hops it uses. I don't think it's telling you we could look it up online. Wow, this is, it's very good. Has a very really good, it has a lot of, I would say, lemme take another, I don't want to drink this whole thing, so I'll be crunk. Definitely like a pineapple. A lot of pineapple I'm getting, but it's pretty dry, which is, it's juicy up front, but then it dries out real dry on the finish. Really? Wellmade beer that Colin (39:42): Is that perfect blend of it's hoppy but not annoyingly. So I mean it not at all. It's only Justin (39:48): 55. It's only, I think it's 55 IBUs and I'm surprised it's that high, which again, that's international bitterness unit. And you'll get beers that are 70 and 80 pretty commonly in the IPA world. Colin (39:59): Do you remember what Sierra was last week? We talked about it. I can't remember. I thought it was only in the thirties. This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 24 of 28 Justin (40:03): It was lower. But that's the thing, way more bigger. There's different kinds of bitterness. When I describe something as being as stringent, that's what I'm, Sierra Nevada is much more as stringent, which is that mouth. It feels like it dries your mouth out like a really unpleasant tannic with too much tea. This does not have that. This has a nice bracing and that's usually, I don't know. I mean that's kind of the thing with most craft IPAs these days. They have this kind of a thing where it's a more bracing bitterness, but it doesn't linger at all. Colin (40:31): This is why, and I swear to God, everyone listening, I'm not sucking up to Justin here. I'm really glad that he's here and this is why we're doing it with his qualifications, because I've just always described that as kind of a drinkability where it's like, this is something I'm like, oh, I just kind of want to keep drinking this kind of the way you would with a soda. You're like, oh, that tastes really good. I want to keep drinking it. And when you have that more, that bitterness, whatever how you phrase, however you just described it, it's not that I don't enjoy it like with a Sierra, but it takes a little long. You have a sip. Maybe you wait in between. Maybe it's better with some food, that kind of thing. Right? Yeah. Justin (41:03): Although I would say one of my first thoughts with this is this would be an excellent food beer. This would be a really, really good Colin (41:07): Food. Beer. What would you have with it? Justin (41:09): Great. With a sausage. It'd be a really good sausage beer. I don't think I'd want pizza, but this would be really good with sausage, it'd be really good with tacos. Colin (41:17): You need meat. It needs to be, Justin (41:18): This is a meat. You want a meat with this or a salad though. This also be good with a salad Colin (41:23): With some meat on it. Justin (41:24): Big bright salad with a steak on top of it. It's just a really, well-made beer. I'm trying to think of something that I would compare it to. Colin (41:32): Alright, tell me the haziness. Where does the hazy come from? I know it's kind a trendy thing, but everybody's like, oh, I got a hazy. But sometimes I see a hazy to your point, and it is that milky just really dense it looks like. I This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 25 of 28 Justin (41:43): Don't know how that happens, to be honest. I mean, so basically hazy is going to come from the proteins in the barley, and so you'll often filter that out, but not, I mean, that's the thing, A lot of beers are unfiltered. So the ones that are hazy, I don't really even know how you jack that up, to be honest with you. I've never made a hazy IP at home. But it is just that there's more protein and starches present in the beer that haven't been filtered out. But it's not like when you make beer, it's not necessarily, I mean it's interesting because I guess it is when you make beer, it's pretty cloudy at first and then eventually that all sort of settles. But, so I don't really know how they encourage to stay longer in a hazy IPA. It's actually something I should look into. I'm not really Colin (42:29): Sure. Do you know what it does? How does it affect the flavor? Is it more that chew chewiness mouth Justin (42:33): Feel it? It's a mouth feel. You can feel that before hazy IPAs, the only times you would ever really get a beer like this in the States. So if you had an unfiltered Belgian or a bottle conditioned Belgian, you'll see that sometimes like a bottle conditioned beer. Well, sometimes a lot of Belgians will have this where there's actually sediment at the bottom. They add, oh, that could be what they're doing here. It's possible they add extra yeast. It's possible at the end it's already been fermented. Then you add it a little bit more yeast so they kind of go off and it might be fermenting a little tiny bit. That might be some of what makes a hazy hazy. I've actually never even thought to look into it, oddly enough. But it is dangerous. I mean, I honestly intended on having two sips and I've already drank half this. Can it Colin (43:10): Really, really drinkable. So what are you going to rate it? Justin (43:14): This is a solid nine. Yeah, this is a solid nine. Colin (43:17): Yeah, I'm just going to go right there with you. Justin (43:19): I'm not even going to, I don't know what you else I would do with it mean. But again, I love, to me the gold standard for drinkable hazy IPAs is probably Firestone's mind haze. And this is very similar. It has a candy sweet, almost like a sour patch kid sweetness to it. But this one and that one to me are fairly, so if you've ever had the mind haze, this is very similar in flavor, probably the same hops I would guess. But again, I can't quite tell what the hops are just by tasting it. Colin (43:49): It's a great job. Yeah. We're too early into this project here to go above a nine. But I mean, I'm with you. This is something where, this is one of those if, oh, I want to get some beard out with dinner tonight. And if you see it on the shelf, you're like, I'm getting that. I just want to immediately grab it and want to have it. Justin (44:02): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 26 of 28 The only downside is personally, I don't want a 7% beer ever. If I was going to ding it, it would be with the alcohol content because I am not going to drink two of these. Colin (44:13): Do you want to drop it down? Do you want to go more 8.5? Justin (44:15): No, no. I mean, it'ss a really wellmade beer. They wanted to make a 7%, so they did. Well, that's interesting. You're going to change that. That doesn't add, I mean, there's a weight that this beer probably has because of that. There's something called gravity in a beer that you can sort of feel a little bit, which has to gravity and alcohol content. That's thing. Like a real thing? Yeah. Oh that's so cool. Gravity and alcohol content aren't necessarily the same thing, but they're related and I feel like there's a weight to a higher alcohol beer and so it's possible that some of the fullness of flavor is coming from that with this. But I would way rather this is like a 5% because then I could have two. Colin (44:58): Okay. Well to summarize this episode of Gear and Beer, we have two styles of bedrocks. First we have the Karen Evo 3D Pros. Do you say Karen or do you say Karen or do you say Karen? Justin (45:11): I say Karen. Karen. Colin (45:13): It's Karen with a little Justin (45:14): Less Karen without the E Colin (45:15): One syllable. Karen. Basically, Justin (45:17): Yeah. Colin (45:18): I feel bad for the Karen's out there. They get getting it left and right. Your name's Karen. It's rough times right now. Have your name be Karen. It is rough. Justin (45:24): Yeah. Colin (45:25): Alright, so the Karen Evo 3D Pros. Justin rated a seven. I gave it a 9.1. Then secondly we had the Karen Evo sees the new cushion bedrock, which Justin rated an eight and I rated a 5.4. And as you hike, paddle, or just hang out in the one sports sandal to rule them all. The official cone of the rock fight suggests that you enjoy that. You should enjoy yourself with a frosty cold 10 barrel cloud mentality. Hazy IPA that This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 27 of 28 Justin and I both rated a nine on the gear and beer. Beer scale. I think that's another episode. I think we did it. Justin (45:55): We both rated that a nine. How about Colin (45:57): That? I just want to write attention because I'm with you on that. Usually. Yeah, fucking good. I'm sitting here trying not to drink it. I don't want to get fucked up before dinner. Justin (46:06): I'm going to pour some on my bedrocks and see what happens. Colin (46:08): You might open a portal to another Justin (46:10): Dimension or something. Yeah, that, yeah, like a really, really cool dimension. Just like such a rad. It'd be like an old school Bud Commercial where you pour a beer on the sandal, all of a sudden you're just at the river. I Colin (46:20): Want outdoor brand that's brave enough to do. Like Bedrock has a label in the box. Do not mix these with a 10 barrel Justin (46:26): Mentality. IPA Colin (46:28): Totally bad things Justin (46:28): Will happen happen. That'd be a sweet CoLab. Cause you know what I do? Go out and buy a six pack 10 barrel immediately and pour it all over my shoes. Anyway, hit us up at the Rock Fight Creative Agency. That's our new, maybe that'll make money. Colin (46:40): That could make some money. I think we're adding something there. Make money. Alright, that's the show for today. What did you think of this edition of Gear and Beer? Do you have a suggestion for a future edition of Gear and Beer or do you simply like gear and beer? Send an email to My rock Let us know what you think. The rock fights production of Rock Fight LLC for Justin Hausman, I'm Colin True. Thanks for listening and here to take us out as Krista Makes with the Rock Fight Fight song. We'll see you next time. Rock fighters. You going to have one more sip or are you done? Justin (47:09): This transcript was exported on Apr 26, 2024 - view latest version here. TRF_GearBeer_041824 - 4_25_24, 2 (Completed 04/26/24) Transcript by Page 28 of 28 No, because I'm going to go have a beard down the street, so I got to put this away. Colin (47:12): I'm not cutting that out. I'm leaving Justin (47:13): That in Chris DeMakes (47:15): Rock fight. Rock fight. We go into the fight where we speak our truth, stay sacred cows and sometimes agree to disagree. We talk about human power, outdoor activities and big bites are about topics. Fix that we find interesting. Black culture, music, the latest movie reviews, ideas. Look in for the head. This is where we speak truth. This is where we speak our truth.


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