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Drips & Dregs: The 96th Academy Awards

While most of you know me for this little Outdoorsy dance we do on the Rock Fight, it’s actually not my first podcast. Or even my second. 


No, when I started figuring out this medium, I hosted a pod called Movies I Missed (fair warning if you go looking, it doesn’t exist publicly any longer). I would simply watch a movie I had missed over the years and then talk about it for 10 - 15 minutes trying to decide if this flick I had heard so much about lived up to its reputation.


I found that as much as I love movies, I’ve missed a fair amount of notable, even important titles over the years. Look, there’s only so much time in the day and being someone who likes to do a lot of different things, it happens.  You have good intentions to check something out and for whatever reason you just don't get there. 

And more than I liked to admit, some of those movies I missed were Oscar nominees. However, this never really stopped me looking forward to, and watching the broadcast of the Academy Awards. I just really like movies. It’s my favorite form of art and media, so even if I couldn’t appreciate the films that were winning or getting snubbed, I’d still watch.


Also, more so than any other awards ceremony, the Oscars feel like required viewing if you care at all about what’s happening in pop culture.  I’ve never had a conversation with someone about how things went down at the Grammys or Emmys, but I have had a ton of Oscar conversations. In my book, the Oscars are up there with the Super Bowl as required annual viewing.

Three years ago I resolved to watch all of the best picture nominees before the awards were handed out so I could be a more informed viewer (and have fewer movies that I had missed).  Last year I did the same and my wife joined in the exercise. This year? My wife and oldest daughter are all on board.


I’m writing this on the Saturday before the Oscars minutes after the three of us have finished watching our last nominee. So for today’s Drips & Dregs here is my list of the 10 Best Picture nominees for the 96th Academy Awards ranked from my favorite to my least favorite. 


Saw it twice in IMAX last summer. Call me a Nolan homer but I loved this flick.

I was riveted from start to finish. Loved the characters, the settings, the story.

I’m rooting for RDJ but won't be mad if Giamatti wins.  Most rewatchable of the bunch.

Sandra Hüller absolutely cooks in this flick.  She puts on a clinic. Also, gotta love the real hero here: Snoop.

As much social commentary as there is in this movie, it's also great to see an original comedy get a best picture nod.

Maybe the most unsettling movie I’ve seen since Jonathan Glazer’s last movie, Under the Skin. If you ever wondered how Sound Design can make a movie, here you go.

Love it for what it is and what it means creatively and socially more than anything else.  Plus I’ve had season tickets for anything Greg Gerwig does since Frances Ha (a movie covered on Movies I Missed in fact).

Emma Stone lives up to the hype.  But I liked The Lobster more.

Marty Scorsese doing Marty Scorsese things.  This movie would have ranked higher if it was an hour shorter (and it would have been better too).

Some incredible moments in a movie that didn’t really have a story.  Worth it for “that” conducting scene though.


As for predictions? Anyone winning other than Oppenheimer would be an all time upset but the Oscars typically has a few surprises up their sleeve. I’ll be adding my thoughts on the show, who won and who lost when I publish Drips & Dregs on Tuesday morning. Enjoy the show everyone!


Post Oscars Thoughts!

First as everyone has been saying what a great show. Shorter than normal and enjoyable from start to finish.

Of course 'I'm Just Ken' was the highlight of the evening. My normal stance is we need to punt on 'Best Song'. Most of the songs that get nominated mean nothing to the movie other than something to play over the end credits. "I'm Just Ken' is the exception because that song was crucial to the movie. It both should have won the award and was an all time great Oscars moment. As I told my kids while watching Ryan Gosling get a standing O from his Hollywood peers, seeing something like that is proof that there is good in the world.

Was very happy that The Zone Of Interest won for best sound. That movie will be a go to example for the power of sound design for all future film students.

And yes, despite being the favorite since last July I was quite happy that Oppenheimer won. The miracle of that movie was a talky flick that was long yet propulsive. I genuinely enjoyed it and think that it's greatness is in the fact that it's the obvious winner in a year where all 10 nominees were unusually strong.

Last note, one of my younger daughters is now on board with our annual tradition to watch all the best picture nominees. Only one to go!


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