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The State Of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion In The Outdoor Industry

For an industry built on the accomplishments of skinny white men standing on mountain tops, furthering DEI efforts in the Outdoor Industry has been, let's say, challenging.

Brands try to say and do the right thing but long lasting efforts to create change and represent different races, genders and those with disabilities in an industry that supports transformative outdoor experiences have had a tough time finding traction.

Today on THE ROCK FIGHT (an outdoor podcast that aims for your head) we welcome on Darren Josey. Darren's career has taken him from retail to multiple Outdoor Industry brands to today where he is the founder of First Seed Sown, his business that is "100% focused on supporting the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community."

Darren talks through some of his experiences as a black man in a predominantly white industry and offers solutions that brands and organizations can implement immediately to create lasting change.

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