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Cowwer Bar: Fuel For The Rock Fight!

Feel the panic in your lower GI!

New Sponsor Alert!!!

We are pleased to announce the newest sponsor to the Rock Fight family, COWWER BAR!

Cowwer Bar fuels extreme athletes too fearful to actually engage in extreme activities. A long time leader in "on the couch" sports nutrition and recovery supplements, Cowwer Bar has introduced two new category-defining flavors: Chocolate FOMO and Vanilla White Anxiety.

Packed with high-quality protein, essential nutrients, and a big dose of bland, flavorless mush, Cowwer Bar feeds both body and mind. Within every bite is the courage to dream about scaling mountains and riding waves that you have no intention of charging. As well as the energy your body needs to shake uncontrollably at the mere thought to going outside.

Whether vicariously living through extreme sports documentaries or mapping out adventures you'll never take, Cowwer Bar fuels your fantasies of not going anywhere at all.

COWWER BAR: The extra W is for Wuss!

Story Filed by Real Fake Brand Partners, Part of the /S Division of Rock Fight, llc. Things have been changed. There are no innocent.


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