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Drips & Dregs: Long Weekend Coffee

Dawn patrol and coffee. A beer in the cooler at the end of a day outside.

Cut open those who love outdoor adventure and you’ll find they’re fueled by coffee and beer.

Drips & Dregs captures the residual drops from the tap of local fermented beverages and the ground laden slurry from the bottom of the carafe. This is where we’ll inconsistently rate what we’ve tried based on these limited engagements with our favorite beverages.

Brewing Long Weekend Coffee At Home

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Yes, Long Weekend Coffee supports our flagship podcast, THE ROCK FIGHT, but you’re going to get an honest review of their coffee because that’s the kind of authentic, integrity filled shit we’re about over here at Rock Fight’s worldwide headquarters.

When Adventure Journal’s main dude, Stephen Casimiro, told me he was starting a coffee brand I said, “let’s gooooooo!” Because Steve is a world class adventurer and I’ve always championed coffee as the go to beverage for adventuring.

If you say that beer is the go to beverage for adventuring all I can say is that you’re wrong. Because there are many days (including days when I go outside for adventures) when I don’t have a beer; but I drink coffee at least once…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

So Steve and coffee are a good fit.

I was one of the lucky few to get a sneak preview of the brand before it launched and to try their house blend called 72 & Sunny. And while I was appreciative of being allowed behind the curtain, I have to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of 72 & Sunny. It’s a dark roast and I’ve learned over the years that light and medium roasts are what I’m looking for.

And that’s because I want to taste the coffee. Not the overly cooked burned remnants of a dark roasted bean. Yeah, you hear that dark roast people? I’m at the lake on my long weekend and I’m skipping a few smooth river stones in your direction. Stop torturing your coffee and yourself and start appreciating the flavor that comes with a perfectly executed medium roast. And I am not bagging on the Long Weekend Coffee brand here. I’d say mean things about any dark roast (probably).

So I moved on to another LWC roast and tried Secret Handshake, which was an immediate winner. A wonderfully executed medium roast that I have yet to brew in a way I don’t like.

AeroPress? Cool.

Pour over? Perfect.

Drip? My favorite.

As soon as I tried Secret Handshake I knew I had a daily driver. Is it my favorite coffee of all time? No. But it’s a workhorse of a blend. The kind of coffee that is reliable no matter what. Which is important when drip is your favorite way to brew and you have to unreliably measure out beans and water in the predawn darkness. I’ve definitely screwed up my ratios while making pot after pot of Secret Handshake and every time I get a wonderful cup of joe.

The only downside? No one at LWC has taught me the actual Secret Handshake so I feel like I've been left out of some sort of Long Weekend secret society.

Maybe if I can figure it out I’ll get some stickers or something with my next order of beans.

Dregs Rating:

Long Weekend Coffee, Secret Handshake

4 out of 4 mugs


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