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Drips & Dregs: Top 10 Metallica Songs (That Are 7 Minutes Or Longer)

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All of us have something from pop culture that we will defend to the death. Movies, TV and music have objective qualities that are reflected in the craft of making them but regardless of how bad some of those objective qualities may be, there will always be those who subjectively love it anyway and will die on the hill of that property. Despite how bad a movie like Freddy Got Fingered or a band like Phish is, someone out there loves them.

My hill that I will die on? That Metallica can do no wrong. I love Metallica. I have for over 30 years and I always will.

(Yes that includes St. Anger. A criminally underrated piece of art that will one day be recognized for its brilliance because of, not in spite of, a snare drum that sounds like someone hitting a pickleball.)

The other day as I was out mountain biking the title track of my favorite Metallica album, …And Justice For All, came on and pushed my ride into another stratosphere. …And Justice For All is a long song clocking in at 9:47. Metallica, especially in their early days, is known for their lengthy diddies; their catalog contains 35 songs that are 7 minutes or longer and spans their entire catalog from Kill ‘em All to 72 Seasons. 

And because that list includes some of their best work with only a couple of their more obvious classics, a list of the top 10 Metallica songs over seven minutes is perfect for this weeks drip (or dreg).

10. All Nightmare Long (7:57)/Spit Out The Bone (7:09)

Sorry but I’m starting with a smuggle and listing two songs. This list can’t be all pre-1987 classics and both Death Magnetic and Hardwired...To Self Destruct are really good Metallica albums. I defy anyone to listen to these songs and not feel transported back to the Ride the Lightning era.


9. St. Anger (7:21)

Hate it all you want, St. Anger (both the song and album) rules.

8. To Live Is To Die (9:48)

The first of two instrumentals and the first entry on this list from my favorite Metallica album. Metallica instrumentals are great to listen to while working.

7. Orion (8:27)

A Cliff Burton (RIP) classic and the one instrumental Metallica still plays live with any regularity (although they did play Call of Ktulu in Hamburg, Germany in 2023).


6. Disposable Heroes (8:17)

For a long time I would tell everyone that Disposable Heroes was a better song than Master of Puppets.  Turns out I was just really angry for no reason and this song always suited my mood.  Absolute banger.

5. Bleeding Me (8:18)

As much as I defend all things Metallica, the Load/ReLoad era is probably my least favorite. However when the guitar riff changes for the bridge in Bleeding Me it goes to ‘all time boss level Metallica’.


4. The Four Horsemen (7:08)

Hit the Lights and Whiplash get the most attention from Kill ‘em All but I think The Four Horsemen is the best song on Metallica’s debut album. Shout out to Dave Mustaine.

3. One (7:26)

If I have one rule in my life it’s that One has to be on any Metallica song list regardless of the specific criteria of that list. Master of Puppets is considered their best overall work but it was One that started the band towards absolute God Legend status.

2. Master Of Puppets (8:36)

What more can be said here?


1. ...And Justice For All (9:47)

This is my list and on my list, this is the best long Metallica song ever. Don’t believe me? Head out the door and put it on. 


Seeking no truth, winning is all, find it so grim, so true so real!!

See you next week.

Drips & Dregs is the weekly column from Rock Fight Founder Colin True.

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