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Front and Center: Sleeping Bag Innovation Now Trendy Addition

Once only the province of jackets, and then the humble sleeping bag, the ‘center-zip’ trend is sweeping the nation.

Retailers are scrambling to keep up with the demand.“Center-zips are not just for sleeping bags anymore,” states Fashion expert Ivy Stuktuure. “It’s a fashion statement across many product design sectors, including appliances, automotive, and even furniture. Center-zip adds a dash of practicality to the stylish, such as allowing users to unzip their cushions for easy cleaning.  Although sitting down can be risky.”

Long a staple of apparel design, the center-zip innovation, or ‘crotch’ design, first begin creeping into sleeping bags in the early 2000s. Adding a central zipper made for easier entry and exit, especially for bags meant for extreme alpine conditions. This feature also enables better temperature regulation and gaseous ventilation by unzipping from the top or bottom.

The media has been quick to weigh in on the trend. "Is this the future of product design or just a passing gimmick?" questioned a recent article in Trendy Living magazine. "While the center zip design offers undeniable novelty and authentic Outdoor roots, its practical application remain dubious at best.”

Which leaves this reporter wondering when has that ever gotten in the way?

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