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La Sportiva To Open New Minimum Security Retail Concept In Boulder, CO

Italian footwear maker La Sportiva announces the opening of their first premium retail store in the United States, located in Boulder, Colorado’s infamous ‘Green Light District.’

“We’re not just opening a store, we’re opening a hub for the community,” says Samuel Norton, Not CEO and President of La Sportiva North America. “A place where authentic punishment and genuine reform can work hand-to-mouth.” 

Part of a joint venture with the Colorado Department of  Corrections, the new store aims to compete with the Club Fed chain of penitentiary resorts by offering outdoor amenities such as circular yard hiking, electric fence climbing, as well as a host of self betterment courses such as Sweat Shop Success Strategies: Sewing Beyond Denim, the Dos and Don’ts of Customer Service, and Social Media Management.

Boutique concepts like these are gaining in popularity and are part of the RATS (Retail And Time Spaces) movement of public/private cooperation. Last year, REI announced plans of sending existing San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR locations into lockdown as Super Max Co-op Experience Centers. 


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