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ROCK cON is here!

Rock Fight to Launch ROCK cON:

The Outdoor Trade Show for Outdoor Trade Shows

In a bold move that has left the outdoor industry buzzing, Rock Fight Media, home of the wildly popular THE ROCK FIGHT podcast (an Outdoor Podcast with Ideas that Aim for the Head), has announced plans to launch ROCK cON, the first-ever trade show exclusively for other outdoor industry trade shows. Slated for June, a month already brimming with industry events, ROCK cON promises to carve a niche by not inviting brands and retailers.

An Artist rendering of Rock Fight’s Booth MacGyver ‘directing’ the Rock cON show floor.

“We didn’t want to add just another trade show to the 17 other June shows,” explained Booth MacGyver, Director of Floor Operations for Rock Fight. “ROCK cON is about creating a meta-experience for outdoor trade shows to network and develop strategies that don’t consider brands or retailers. The ultimate goal is to streamline how these groups do business and foster innovation within the industry.”

Reactions from industry leaders have been mixed. On one hand, some industry veterans are thrilled.

“Oh, I think it’s great!” said noted booth barista Royal Linelonger. “Imagine all of the ‘Fests’ together in one place? October, Jazz, Summer, Keen, Russ. It really is exciting.” 

Becky Tent, organizer of PaddleOpolis, stated, "We can finally focus on what's really important: the art of organizing an event that no one actually wants to attend but feels obliged to anyway." Tent believes ROCK cON will become a testing ground for groundbreaking ideas, such as trade show booths made entirely out of biodegradable, edible materials, or the new 10x10 Escape Rooms, where attendees must solve planograms to make it out in time for happy hour.

However, not everyone is convinced. "Isn't this just an excuse for a bunch of event planners to take a vacation together?" mused Tom Ridge, director of Middle Upper West GearExpo. "I'm pretty sure my team just wants to swap lanyards and see who has the fanciest booth displays."

Despite the skepticism, the anticipation for ROCK cON is palpable, as the industry waits to see if this self-referential gathering will spark the next big thing in the world of outdoor trade shows or simply be the most elaborate echo chamber ever created. As of publication, there is no word if Outdoor Retailer, GOA Connect, Big Gear, or the new Switchback would be in attendance. Industry watchers remain hopeful.

Gene Otto, a convention center passerby, shared his thoughts: “Well, I love it. But if OR, GOA, or what were those last two? If they aren’t coming, that would be lame. They really should try and support this Industry, or we’ll all end up like Action Sports.”

Adding to the mix,  ROCK cON will feature the first Making Outdoor Films Film Festival, presented by Tok Tok B2B. It will celebrate an often-overlooked genre—behind-the-scenes movies about the making of outdoor movies. With such unique attractions and a fresh approach, ROCK cON is poised to either revolutionize the industry or become its most entertaining spectacle yet. Admittedly a low bar, but a free bar, nonetheless.

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