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Rock Fight Action Figures... Adventure Cat Lady!

The neighborhood knows her. Kids know her cats.

And she’s a Tuft & Paw super shopper.

She’s the Adventure Cat Lady!

With her Wildfang plaid flannel shirt, thrifted rugged blue jeans, and doting nature, ACL prowls the land with her feline fam in tow. The purr-fect balance of indoor/outdoor instincts. Who needs a litter box when you’ve got the woods!

A quintessential loner who’s never really alone, ACL heads a multi-generational household and is determined to share her love of the outdoors with the most important ‘people’ in her life: her cats.

Let’s meet her pride:

There’s Gen Z Kitten, a whisker away from TikTok stardom; the Millennial Tabby, with a ‘smart collar’ for step-tracking; and the backseat driving Grumpy Boomer. Oops, almost forgot Gen X Tomcat – a bit feral and tends to bite the hand that gets too close.

Every ACL includes:

😸 4 cat family members (participation levels may vary).

😸 Backpack perch with bubble window, air vents, and adjustable strap.

😸 Five-star cat food (requires a reservation).

😸 Distilled water bottle.

😸 Full-grain leather leash with anti-slink capability.

😸 One galaxy (on Orion’s belt).

Now you can hone your cat herding skills on your own terms with the Adventure Cat Lady action figure. With ACL, no one gets left home on the windowsill.

Adventure Cat Lady is the latest from Rock Fight Action Figures... Collect 'em All!

(Disclaimer: Rock Fight Outdoor Action Figures are possibly possessed by ancient demons, throw real rocks, and are not recommended for anyone to actually own. Available exclusively at defunct toy and sporting goods retailers nowhere. All rights reserved.)


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