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Rock Fight Action Figures... The Swag Hound - Promo Prospector

Some say Swag. Others say Schwag.

But he calls it FREE!

You know him because he’s been at every show since 1989. He’s a Promo Prospector searching for gold in the form of free promotional giveaways that are the bread and butter of every brand’s trade event repertoire.

He surveys the floor plans looking for promising indicators such as porous and permeable structures or faults and anomalies in the layout. Once in the convention center, he turns to identifying surface features, such as loose reception protocol, or the presence of baskets, piles, and low-hanging, shiny objects. In outdoor-centric shows, fossils can typically be found near the tchotchkes.

While the Swag Hound mostly operates in secret, he’s adept at feigning interest in your brand or product. Often under the cover of a fake or discarded retailer badge, he will nod and agree to just about anything if it means another mousepad, water bottle, koozie, or keychain.

But the motherlode they’re looking for? That logo t-shirt or pair of shoes. Pay Dirt!

The Swag Hound - Promo Prospector is the latest from Rock Fight Action Figures... Collect 'em All!

(Disclaimer: Rock Fight Outdoor Action Figures are possibly possessed by ancient demons, throw real rocks, and are not recommended for anyone to actually own. Available exclusively at defunct toy and sporting goods retailers nowhere. All rights reserved.)


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