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Editor’s Note: The following essay was originally featured on THE ROCK FIGHT podcast and is available to listen to in the player below.

Today I’m picking a fight with…Sunglasses. Because we know what works already.

There are two, count ‘em, two, sunglasses silhouettes that actually matter. And both of them were invented and made by Ray Ban. The Aviator in 1937 and the Wayfarer in 1952.

Every relevant pair of sunglasses since can in some form be traced back to those two models and the best modern sunglasses share a little DNA with these legends. Whether you are ordering up a pair of Raiders by Warby Parker or A Ginger’s Soul from Goodr, those OG models from Ray Ban continue to define the category.

When it comes to active specific sunglasses, yes ok, there are some stalwart brands that require and deserve a mention. Be it Smith, Native, Rudy Project, Tifosi or the big one, Oakley, but their popularity ebbs and flows the same way as fashion trends. Aviators and Wayfarers?

They’re always in style, they always look good and they work in all the same ways as those other ‘active specific’ brands.

Recently ski goggle inspired designs have become the trend du jour for active individuals. Credit to Pit Viper for getting this going, but they’re the only brand that should be making sunglasses that look like this.

It’s a mostly bad look as evidenced by the Smith Bobcat or Oakley Sutro Prizm and it’s the worst kind of trend because it’s something that started ironically that has been declared cool by bandwagon fans.

Like mullets or leg warmers in the 80’s, the right individual may be able to pull off a certain look, but it is not for the rest of us. Trends come and go, and some good ones get to come back again.

But most need to just die.

So, Pit Viper, even though you are not a Rock Fight sponsor ( if you’d like to be) you own this space; it’s yours.

The rest of you can’t do what Pit Viper is doing so stop trying! We’re not cool enough and you’re confusing people who should just be wearing Aviators or Wayfarers and making us all look like a dumbass.

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