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Unlucky charm? Rabbit's Dream Chaser Turns into PR Nightmare

Rabbit fur or Muppet pelt?

In a move that has sent ripples through both the running and animal rights communities, Rabbit, the apparel company known for its plush comfort and performance running apparel, has found itself at the center of an unexpected controversy with the launch of its first running shoe, the Dream Chaser.

The shoe, initially praised for its innovative Flowstate Foam midsole and recycled polyester upper, has become embroiled in allegations that it incorporates actual rabbit feet as a performance-enhancing "lucky charm." While Rabbit vehemently denies these claims, the rumor has sparked a heated debate about the ethics of performance gear and the unintended consequences of marketing strategies.

"Our commitment to 'rabbit-inspired performance' is purely metaphorical," insisted Rabbit's Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Jessica Bunnay. "Any resemblance to actual lagomorph anatomy is purely coincidental. Frankly, they’re just drawn that way.”

Not pictured: a group of tortoises having a laugh.

Nevertheless, PETA has launched a campaign against what they're calling "speciesist superstition in sportswear." Their provocative ad features what appears to be the real losers in Rabbit’s foray into footwear, under the headline "Your shoes shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Or their feet.”

Other reports seem to reinforce the claims that the shoes do in fact contain actual rabbit feet, possibly imported from the United Kingdom. East Midlands wildlife expert Professor Rodger White notes there’s been a surprising uptick in three-legged rabbit sightings. "We're observing a marked decrease in successful garden raids," White said. "It's as if the rabbit community is experiencing a collective bout of bad luck."

Lincolnshire-based farmer Beatrix Potter echoed a similar point. “I think they’ve forgotten how to hop, they have. I almost feel bad for the little blighters... almost."

As Rabbit works to clear the air and refocus attention on the genuine innovations of their first entry into the hyper-competitive performance running footwear category, the incident serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between marketing, ethics, and unintended consequences in the world of sports technology. Whether the Dream Chaser will ultimately leap over these hurdles or stumble at the starting line remains to be seen.

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