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Cycling's New Doping Craze, AI Can Predict Rogue Waves & Kansas Has The Gravel

Today on THE ROCK FIGHT (an outdoor podcast that aims for the head) Colin and journalist Justin Housman start with America's favorite podcast segment, "What Is Justin Doing This Weekend?" and then go deep on a listener email before running down some of the more interesting headlines to come out of the outdoor community over the past couple of weeks.

The pair talk about the following:

  • A listener email pushing back on the assertion that rock climbing is the most badass outdoor sport (03:35)

  • Cyclists have started using the hemoglobin from fishing worms to gain an advantage (10:57)

  • Gravel Kansas launches initiative to promote the state's 98,000 miles of gravel roads (17:43)

  • Scientists Have Developed An AI That Can Predict Rogue Waves (22:37)

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