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Flashback & Feedback: The Original Outdoor Rock Fights

Welcome back to THE ROCK FIGHT an outdoor podcast that aims for your head!

As we close in on 100 episodes it's time to have a look back at some of the original hot takes that kicked off the show last December and today is all about getting your feedback.

Listen as Colin checks in on three of the OG rock fights and then send your thoughts to or dm us on Instagram or Threads.

Do you agree that Crocs are terrible or that skiing at a resort is not an outdoor activity?

Send Colin a pat on the back.

Do you think his opinions are stupid and insane? Send that on over as well!

The best emails will be featured in a future mailbag epsidode so the more comments the merrier.

Listen to the original episodes:

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Have a question or comment for a future mailbag episode? Send it to or send a message on Instagram or Threads.


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