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How The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable Is Building And Unifying Our Outdoor Community

Today on THE ROCK FIGHT (an outdoor podcast that aims for the head) we're diving back into the world of the outdoor economy.

In November the Bureau of Economic Analysis released a report showing that outdoor recreation contributes $1.1 trillion to the US economy. You may remember Kyle Frost and Colin going deep on this topic right here on THE ROCK FIGHT.

And now we get to talk to the folks who use that data to help grow the entire outdoor economy (not just the part that you participate in): the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

Today on the show Colin talks to Jessica Turner and Chris Perkins from the ORR about the role they play for outdoor enthusiasts across the US, how they're working to unify the outdoors across all categories, should outdoor trade shows pivot to focus on the outdoor economy and what to expect from the ORR in 2024.

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