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Leave The Price Gun, Take The Carabiner

Black Diamond's product reset plans met with praise

and apprehension

This past Monday Black Diamond Brand President Neil Fiske announced the Salt Lake City based ski and climbing brand would be significantly reducing SKU counts and focusing on DTC in an attempt to return to growth. The effort was hailed by both analysts and sustainability champions as a step in the right direction. 

However, not all observers were supportive of the move.

A man, who only identified himself as ‘a friend of Sierra,’ said they were disappointed in the announcement. “BD’s massively over-SKUed approach to business has been good for us. They are good earners for the family,” he said. “And wouldn’t it be a shame if their shipment of next season’s cams and harnesses, you know, lost their hold?”

PHOTO CREDIT: None of your friggin' business.

Further reporting indicates the gentleman we spoke to was in fact, Frankie ‘The BOGO’ Carbone, a known associate of discount outdoor retailer Sierra, part of the famed TJX Five Families.

We reached out to TJX Companies, Inc, the $54.22 billion owner of such off-price brand specialty retailers such as Sierra, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls for a reaction to the potential loss of cheap inventory due to Black Diamond change in direction. As of press time they had no comment. 

However, Mr. Carbone did respond by saying he "expected BD to do the right thing, because after all, it’s just business.”

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