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Local Resident Goes 'Double Melly'

Local Portland, OR writer and cyclist David Boerner achieved the rare ‘Double Melly’ last week in preparation for a recent weather event in the area.

The feat is known for its signature layering of one Melanzana hoodie on top of another to create an unrivaled warm embrace. What makes this particular maneuver so uncommon is the extreme difficulty for a single person to get their hands on two actual Melanzana products at the same time.

That’s because the Leadville, CO-based company has built its business and reputation by refusing to sell its products to anyone at all. This unique strategy has created legions of loyal customers who have never actually purchased a Melly of their own, only having heard of their existence through legend and bathroom stall poetry along the I-70 freeway.

When reached for comment, Melanaza denied selling these or any other hoodies. They then offered their sincere congratulations to Boerner on his accomplishment and invited him to visit if ever in Leadville.


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