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Poop Bags For Everest Climbers, History Made At Pipeline & Questioning The Value Of Outdoor Apps

Today on THE ROCK FIGHT (an outdoor podcast that aims for the head) Colin and Justin Housman take a spin through some of the stories to come out of the outdoor industry and community over the past week.

This week the pair take on the following topics:

  • Everest climbers will be required to pack their poop off of the mountain and local authorities in the Khumbu region are limiting basecamp amenities (04:42)

  • Women make history at the WSL's Lexus Pipe Pro (16:25)

  • Is Surfline a good or bad thing for the surf community? (24:00)

  • A weird cycling injury leads to a big lawsuit (38:03)

This is of course all after America's favorite podcast segment What Is Justin Doing This Weekend presented by Long Weekend Coffee!

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