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REI's Labor Woes And A Deeper Dive Into's Play For Wholesale

Today on THE ROCK FIGHT (an outdoor podcast that aims for the head) journalist Kyle Frost returns to talk through some of the latest headlines coming out of outdoor retail over the past couple of weeks.

Colin and Kyle start by giving props to the latest ad from Solo Stove featuring Snoop Dogg before talking about the latest news regarding the 8 REI stores that are attempting to unionize as well as REI's recent labor woes and place in the outdoor industry and community (01:51).

Then the pair go deeper into the ongoing story regarding's attempts to sell their in house apparel line to their competitors. They start by referencing Kyle's column from 2019 about Backcountry's attempt to defend their trademark and how the hangover from that may affect their plans to get specialty outdoor retailers to carry their products (13:35).

Then they wrap up the episode with the stories they are most interested to see unfold in 2024 (25:27).

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