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RF Management Addresses DRAFTgate

This morning's issue of Your Mom (Rock Fight's newsletter) was labeled DRAFT, which has confused some of our readers. RF management is here to set the record straight.


‘The recent DRAFT newsletter was in fact a FINAL, not a DRAFT. We know this because we held a DRAFT among our contributors and no one selected the unfinished version of the newsletter in the first round, thereby becoming the de facto FINAL version. We, of course, celebrated with a frosty, ice cold DRAFT of a cheap American lager as is the custom of the local redneck bar in which we conduct our business and hold our fantasy drafts for The Climb. Here we must wear expensive puffy winter coats due to the chilly DRAFT that pervades the establishment during the winter months.

Thank you for your time and for picking up the check.'

HRFIC (Head Rock Fighter In Charge)


Head to in order to subscribe to Rock Fight's newsletter and enjoy future DRAFTS and FINALS.


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