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Super Sneaker Saga Continues

Rock Fight Retracts Original Retraction, Gets Story Right After All!

Rock Fight is happy to report we told you so.

This week’s formal announcement by Deckers proves we were, in fact, correct in our original assessment: that their super sneaker was a quite unremarkable white shoe sporting the equally unremarkable name of a dormant outdoor footwear brand.


A few weeks back Rock Fight ran images of what we thought to be an early view of a new super sneaker project over at footwear giant Deckers (owner of such brands as Hoka, Ugg, Teva, and who knew, Ahnu?). 

We then retracted this story based on seemingly strong evidence the original photos were indeed fakes and part of a misinformation campaign by Deckers, possibly aided by pro-Russian elements.


While we were correct about the basic product premise, Rock Fight must admit we did not see the dredging up of the Ahnu brand coming- especially for a shoe that is essentially a white Hoka. But as Deckers CEO Dave Powers alluded to in his press announcement, think of the legal and administration cost savings. 

Good Ahnu, Deckers?

Story Filed by Real Fake News, Part of the /S Division of Rock Fight, llc. Things have been changed. There are no innocent.


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