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The BLM's Moab Trail Closure, Columbia's Star Wars Ski Kit & Laird's New Store

Welcome back to THE ROCK FIGHT, an outdoor podcast that aims for the head.

Today on the show Colin & Justin break down some of the latest headlines to come out of the outdoor community and industry. What's happening in Moab? Do we need Laird's new polo shirt? Stars Wars sucks now. And more!

On the docket today (with time codes):

  • The BLM Closes 317 Miles of Moab Trails to Off Road Vehicles (3:13)

  • LAIRD opens their first store in Manhattan Beach, CA (13:02)

  • Gearjunkie's "What you need to know" article regarding the trial of the accused murderer of cyclist Mo Wilson (15:26)

  • Columbia's launch of the "Skywalker Pilot Collection" (20:33)

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