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The Grateful Chaco

Chaco Sandal Grateful It's Not A Keen

Boulder, Colorado- A Chaco sandal recently expressed gratitude about it’s place on the shoe wall at a local outdoor specialty shop. 

Photo Credit: The insane doctor that brought this monstrosity to life.

“I’d been feeling a little chapped about all love being heaped on these namby-pamby running shoes like Hoka and On,” the Chaco told any shopper who would listen at the Pale Trail Gear Exchange on Pearl Street. “But I have to say, when I look across the sandal section, my curved arch and z strap still look pretty good in today’s outdoors. I mean, it could be worse. Those poor Keens seem to attract all kinds of white knee-high tube socks- and not the cool kind.  I don’t think I could do that.”

Passersby reacted with mix of surprise and the normal indifference. One shopper named Greg said a talking sandal was a bit unexpected, but agreed with what the sandal had to say. “Chaco’s are kind of a classic look. And it’s true, you can’t go 10 feet down an isle of a Pick and Save without some schlub in white socks and Keens trying to shove a 30 pack of toilet paper into his shopping cart.”

After a couple hours, the Chaco sandal seemed to have worked through its issues and regained its confidence. It was last seen trying to hit on a yoga mat sharing space in the bargain bin with a pair of last season’s, you guessed it, Keens.

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