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The Rab Rebuttal: An Outdoor Brand Fires Back At The Rock Fight

Welcome back to THE ROCK FIGHT! An outdoor podcast that aims for your head and folks, today is the rock fight of the year.

Back in March Colin & Justin responded to UK outdoor brand Rab's launch of Cinder, their self described 'adventure cycling' line with an episode of the show that discussed the challenges of branching into a new category and the inherent marketing BS that comes with promoting something new.

Rab was the example that sparked the conversation but this is something that happens all of the time in the outdoor industry. You can listen to that episode by clicking here.

Well Rab heard the episode and sent Product Director Tim Fish to come on The Rock Fight and throw some rocks of his own.

Today on the show Tim and Colin talk about Cinder, what the outdoor industry needs in order to truly make things in a more circular fashion and they dig into Rab's Material Facts initiative that provides consumers with nutritional style labels on their products so people can be more informed about what they're buying.

It's an outdoor brand rebuttal today on THE ROCK FIGHT!

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